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In this case, prices reach a certain value, at which the buyer ceases to show interest in the objects

It is important to note that the “average temperature in the hospital” never gives real information about the number of “sick”, “on the mend” and “lying in the intensive care unit”.

The average price of 1 m2 in the area is most likely some kind of approximate indicator for calculations. Moreover, there is another feature. The smaller the area of ​​the object, the higher the price per square meter. And vice versa - large objects in the same house have a lower price of 1 m2.

For example, one house will advertise a one-room apartment of 38 m2 at a price of 7,000,000 rubles, a two-room apartment of 54 m2 at a price of 9,000,000 rubles, and a three-room apartment of 76 m2 at a price of 12,000,000 rubles. Let's calculate the price of 1 m2.

In a one-room apartment - 184,000 rubles, in a two-room apartment - 167,000 rubles, in a three-room apartment - 156,000 rubles. What good will the information that the average price per square meter in the area is 170,000 rubles bring to you if you are going to sell a specific object with a specific area?

The market is growing, and I put the object ahead of price growth

This method of setting the price of real estate is fair only if you are really sure that the market is growing now. And it is growing at such a rate that it will reach your price in the time frame you need. And there will be no crisis along the way. As I already wrote, this is often a misconception.


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